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-April 20th, 2024
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  Buying a cooler gun doesn't make you a better shooter! Training does! Whether you are looking to get some help with a new handgun or trying to improve your AR 15 proficiency, these are the guys with the knowledge and skills to teach you! Shooters welcome at all levels - new to experienced! 

Conceal Carry

  Finding your stride with handguns and wanting to get some more training? This class will help you identify specific things to work on as well as give you the chance to shoot and train with real life self-defense in mind! Not just "the basics" class for new shooters. This class is designed to help you improve your ability to protect yourself and those you care about!  

Defensive Pistol

Schedule a time to go out with the instructors and get some training for your specific needs! this is an open-ended course that can be tailored to you. Reach out and let us know wgat you want to work on!

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